Things To Do Before You Bring Home A Rescue Dog

Congratulations! Thank you for helping out a rescue dog in need. We have put together a list of items and necessities to help ease the anxiety of this transition period. Let’s get started!

  • Have you purchased or own a dog bed, crate (safe space), blankets, bowls, harness/leash, biodegradable poop bags, and toys yet?
  • What about food? Do you know if they have allergies? Do you have an airtight food storage container?
  • Let’s not forget to purchase dog treats that support dog rescues!
  • ID tags?
  • Don’t forget to purchase hygiene items like doggy shampoo, conditioner, and a hair brush!
  • If you have a fenced yard did you check the fence for gaps?
  • Have you dog proofed your yard and house to make sure it is safe and rid of small debris and hazards?


All this can seem a bit daunting, however, the most important part is that a rescue dog now has a safe home with your family. Soon you will become foster failures and will look back at this experience and smile about the chaos of those first weeks trying to make everything go smoothly. 


Photo @mattycoulton