Our Story

We bake all-natural dog treats and donate the profits to dog rescues. No junk, no fillers, no preservatives, and nothing artificial in our treats.

Choose the rescue you want your purchase to benefit from right on our product page before you add the treats to the cart.

We offer our "Free and Fast AF" shipping on all treat orders. All of our treats come in eco-friendly packaging and ship in bio-degradable poly mailers.

Contact us at info@rescuetreats.dog if you are a dog rescue interested in joining our donation program (we can add you to the selectable list at checkout).

Learn more about us and our cartooned crew of "Rescue Pals" below.

Check Out What Our Customers Are Saying

"Our English bulldog, Little Chester, loves these treats! Our neighbors’ dogs also enjoy them! Our veterinarian looked them over and really liked the limited ingredient list. Thank you for creating a good treat for our boy"
"My crew absolutely loves these treats. I have to buy multiple bags at least twice a month. All natural ingredients and money going towards a great cause - it doesn’t get any better than that. Proud to support small business!"
"Ordered recently and our Shiba loves it! Sometimes he won't even eat his food to hold out for more treats. Also great fast delivery, so if you don't want to go to the store or deal with Chewy, they're great!"
"Our dog tricks the kids into thinking he didn't get any treats so he can continue to get more."
"I have a very picky Cocker Spaniel who absolutely love these treats. When I first gave him a piece he just looked at it. I gave it to him in my hand and OH boy, he followed me throughout the house until I gave him more. I will be buying more before this bag runs out! I am one happy customer!!"

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Thanks For All The Support!

Thanks to our loyal customers and supporters we are rapidly growing. We would love to ship to every state, but each state requires different registration fees.

So if your state isn't covered in our shipping zones don't worry. We are working on expanding registrations nationwide.

Feel free to DM us on social media or email us at info@rescuetreats.dog if your state isn't listed so we can prioritize it.

Learn More About Rescues & Rescue Treats®

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Our Goal

We are going to disrupt the industry by combining all-natural dog treats with record breaking donations.

All Natural Ingredients
Supporting Dog Rescues
No Artificial Anything
Biodegradable Packaging
BIG Bag of Treats
Baked in Small Batches
Sustainable Practices
No Junk
No Fillers
Free & Fast Shipping on Treats