At Rescue Treats® we bake all-natural dog treats then donate the profits to dog rescues.  Our treats contain nothing artificial.  No junk, no fillers, no preservatives, and no artificial ingredients.  

Meet Our Team:


"I was rescued as a puppy from a puppy mill and raised by a loving foster failure family.  This made me want to help out other less-fortunate dogs.  I like to share my treats.  Especially with Chase, since he beats me in every race we bet on..."


"They say im part Yorkie, or part Bichon Frise...  Whatever, I could never see anyway.  Blind since birth.  All I know is that they call me Spot and it makes people laugh.  Dallas says she sees my spots, but she isn't so sure."


"I don't like my ears.  My previous owners tried to make me look 'tough' but they failed because my heart shaped nose is too cute to be 'tough.'  My anxiety about it makes me not want to do much...  However, Gordo gave me his bandana and it hugs me constantly making me feel better." 


"What did you say?!  Seriously!  I think you said something, but I am not sure.  I want to have Spot's ears, but again he says he wants my eyes.  Whatever, Dallas says I'm the best listener." 


"My diaper helps me prevent accidents.  I'm not as young as Gordo, but he says I'm 'nimble as a fox...'  I think he means 'wolf,' but I'm not going to correct him cause he seems so happy.  Millenial dogs..." 


"See my wheelchair?  It doesn't slow me down, just makes me faster!  Hilda says I am the fastest dog in the world.  She says it very loudly though, it might be her hearing." 

Meet Our Advisory Board:

Dalmar James:


Dalmar James (Biz Dev) brings over 20 years of business development experience.  He has launched and scaled multiple high-profile brands as well as provided his business development services to the media and entertainment industry.  He will be providing sales, marketing, and partnership strategy to the team.  A native of Brooklyn, NY, he’s the General Manager of BullISH Artist Group, a graduate of Williams College, and Spuds McKenzie is his spirit animal.

Donna Parks:


Donna is a principal consultant with 30 years of comprehensive risk management and banking experience.  Her global experience extends across the Americas and Asia in all aspects of risk management.  Donna also runs two successful companies of her own, bringing guidance to the team.  At every meeting we look forward to her playing devil’s advocate with the team’s wild ideas.   

Anonymous Managing Director at Fortune 50 Company:


Named after a Motown legend, some of his previous titles were CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Author, Senior Producer of Entertainment, US Editor of Fashion and Music, and Music Editor.  He currently has an even better title, but we can’t disclose it.  

Paul Lewis:


Paul has multiple years of experience in Logistics, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), private label product development and production, sales, and operations management in the USA and Jamaica. He brings a quiet serious side with his advice but is not afraid to have fun and get in a few jabs at the same time.  “Simple, basic, easy” is his motto.

Beatrice Perkins:


Chicago native Beatrice Perkins is a brand and marketing consultant for Brand Excitement and brings 20 years of experience in digital engagement and visibility. She first fell in love with dogs when a stray wandered into her backyard as a preteen. She currently resides in Jersey City, NJ with two rescues, an 11-year-old Pit Bull and an 8-year-old Chihuahua mix. She’s worked for big brands varying from The New York Times to Chase Bank and lends her advice to help us reach the right audience. While she tends to the marketing, the pups act as taste-testers. So far, they’re in love with the treats. 

Babatunde Akowe, Esq: 


Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Babatunde Akowe is an attorney, adjunct professor and community advocate who has an unwavering commitment to his community.  An alumni of both Lincoln and Temple Universities, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and the Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Babatunde is also a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc and 100 Black Men of New York. Steadfast in his devotion to service through education, reform, and political activism, he is an active member of the Brooklyn community.

As an advocate of the people and public servant, Babatunde lives by the adage “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way."

Biff Warren:


Biff Warren is an entertainment media executive based out of New York. For more than 20 years, Biff has been at the helm of some of the most exciting and sought-after efforts ranging from film, television, music theater, and global lifestyle brands.  Biff Warren currently serves as President and COO of Bent Interactive Group, a multiplatform multicultural media company.  His company represents a diverse entertainment portfolio that creates a positive impact in the world and presents a new paradigm in the media landscape. 

Scott Gaynor:

Scott Gaynor is one of two principals who built one of the largest indigenous Hedge Funds in Asia.  He was responsible for all non-investment aspects of developing, managing and running the Hedge Fund.  Scott is also a former Chief Operations Officer for Morgan Stanley (Pan Asia) and has over 30 years of finance experience.  Scott brings his expertise and love of dogs to our board meetings.