Top 10 Reasons to Foster and Adopt a Rescue Dog

Starting off: 

  1. You join a network of knowledgeable and loving people

There are breed specific rescues who have vast knowledge about that breed and pet care. Making it easier for first-time rescue parents who want to get tips on daily care etc.

  1. They get a veterinarian check up

Rescue groups and shelters take in dogs and often include vaccinations in their adoption fees. Additionally, dogs are screened for overall health to make sure they get the proper treatment.

  1. Dog adoption is less expensive

Breeders and dog stores are in it to make money. Rescues are in it to make sure the dogs are placed in their forever home.

  1. You know who you are fostering/adopting

Dogs that are taken in are evaluated and will have labels like “needs a fenced in yard, great with young kids, does well with other dogs, and must be the only dog” in order to help parents with their personalities.

  1. You help reduce puppy mills

Puppy mills are awful, we don’t even want to mention them on this list. #adoptdontshop

  1. Rescue dogs are great companions

Want to explore? Want to meet new people. Your new doggo friend is there to be at your side exploring the rest of life together.

  1. You can adopt an adult dog who is already trained

Adult dogs are often already housetrained and can even obey a few commands. Additionally, there are fewer surprises with growing puppies like rapid size changes.

  1. A rescue will love you forever

Dogs coming out of bad situations are grateful for being saved. That love is unconditional.

  1. They will change your life

Dogs help reduce stress in humans. They steal our hearts with their loving affection and unique personalities. Seeing one goofy smile and we are instantly in a better mood.

  1. You save a dog’s life

Rescue dogs are looking for a second chance. Whether they have been given up, lost, or abandoned each dog that is rescued is given a new lease on life.


These are just 10 reasons why. We could have made this list go on and on…. However, volunteer at your local rescue or dog shelter and find out the reasons why yourself!

Photo by Anthony Duran

Photo by Anthony Duran.