Tips & Advice for Those Considering Fostering or Adopting a Rescue Dog

Fostering a dog is a rewarding experience, however, it is important to understand the responsibility that comes with taking care of a rescue dog.  Below are some tips and advice to consider before fostering a rescue/shelter dog.

Consider your living situation and lifestyle

Before fostering it is important to think about your lifestyle and living situation.  Do you have the resources, time, and living space to care for a rescue dog? Can you provide your new companion with attention and regular exercise? Does your job or lifestyle prevent you from being able to fully commit to a new furry companion? Is your apartment too small for a Saint Bernard? Factor these questions into your rescue dog search.

Consider your income and the costs of ownership

Can you afford regular medical checkups, preventative care, and vaccinations? Sadly, sometimes rescue dogs return to their dog rescue organization because their new families cannot afford the cost of ownership.  Consider your expenses and disposable income before you decide to add another living and breathing being into your family. Veterinarian  bills are no joke!

Consider joining a like-minded community

Dog community groups are found in every social media online.  These groups of dog owners can provide advice and support that many look for when they first foster a rescue dog. Connecting with other dog owners can provide a lifeline of amazing resources. Every question you ask can be answered by those with years of experience within these groups.

Be prepared for the unexpected! Have patience because fostering a dog can come with unexpected challenges. Be ready for the possibility of unexpected medical expenses, behavioral issues, or other challenges that may happen. Most importantly, be willing to seek help and advice when you need guidance.


Photo Credit: Hannah Middleton