Top 5 Ways to Support Your Local Rescue or Shelter
  1. Donate Resources to Local Dog Rescues

Rescues are often underfunded when it comes to helping dogs in need and fulfilling their mission statements. Consider supporting them by donating food, toys, your time, or money. You can also fund them by buying merchandise from their online stores. Some rescues even accept re-occurring donations via their websites or social media campaigns.

  1. Convince People to Foster/Adopt from a Local Rescue or Shelter

Even if you aren’t able to foster or adopt a dog you can still try to convince a friend who is looking for a dog to contact their local rescue/shelter. #adoptdontshop

  1. Volunteer or Foster

Many dog rescues are understaffed, therefore, volunteering at your local dog rescue can help lighten the load on their staff. You can also help foster a dog at your home and hopefully turn into a “foster failure.”

  1. Share Rescue Shelter Content on Social Media

Sharing social media content from rescues/shelters on your Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok can increase awareness of those organizations to people who previously have not heard about them.  Awareness can lead to donations, support, or even collaborations that can further the mission of that organization.

  1. Buy Rescue Treats®

At Rescue Treats® we bake all-natural dog treats and donate the profits to dog rescues. We are the only organization where you can choose which rescue to directly support! If you are a rescue or shelter wanting to receive donations, feel free to email us at, and once accepted, people can choose your rescue to support at checkout.